for Europeans:

Upon discovering that an organisation (company, gov agency, or NGO) uses Microsoft, Google, or some other untrustworthy email provider, have you withheld your email address from them or made a GDPR request to have your email address deleted from their records?

@bojkotiMalbona to be clear, this is basically every large company right?

@ezfe I suppose “untrustworthy” is a bit vague. I mean surveillance advertisers. If email service is gratis because they snoop in your email to monetize your data and target you for ads, that is the kind of email provider I have in mind. Off the top of my head I can’t think of any tech giants that don’t operate in that way.

@ezfe There are small email providers that are also gratis (e.g. disroot, riseup, danwin, protonmail, tutanota), but AFAIK they don’t monetize data in the emails. They tend to operate from donations & by selling premium service.

@ezfe This poll is motivated by the idea that a user decides for themselves that giving up privacy in exchange for gratis email service is a good trade-off. Yet the person on the other side of their email transmission is also giving up their privacy but unlike the gmail user they get no compensation back from Google. So it’s an unfair transaction that I would rather not support.

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