When Bruce said "doesn’t track you", I posted a comment asking if he wanted to revise his statement because he can't possibly know that. His response: he deleted the comment (my comment not his). schneier.com/blog/archives/201


I also pointed out that his blog uses as the embedded search mechanism, and that uses both for hosting & for Bing queries (so MS sees both user's IP address and queries, which it can combine). Why would Bruce consider those facts unworthy of response, and even unworthy of exposure? Why is he censoring that? Does he work for DDG?

I have to wonder if is censoring Microsoft's involvement with DDG, what else is he censoring? I'd love to be able to read the posts he blocks.

@bojkotiMalbona this is very concerning.
I've always trusted Bruce completely. My goto in the security world if I need an opinion.

@greenpete i can see how he might have had a lapse in judgment in 2013 when DDG issues were largely unknown, but his reaction and refusal to correct himself is disturbing indeed. He lost some of my respect.

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