I’m writing an article on the subject, but as a blind guy, I’m getting really really tired of people speaking for me. If you do accessibility or UX and really want to know what I want, or “need”, or what works best for me, then ask me.


I would really be interested in hearing what it's like for you to use the web over . Have you tried to?

I ask b/c -pushers like have rendered the web largely useless for Tor users. I imagine the of Tor must be virtually a non-option for a blind person.

@bojkotiMalbona I think #tor is actually accessible although I admit I haven't tried messing around with it yet. It's been perpetually on my list of stuff to eventually try, I should move it up on that list. :)

@bojkotiMalbona On the privacy front, it's sort of a mixed bag: Signal works great, Wickr does not, Telegram only sort of works ...

That's interesting, but I have to say is falsely positioned as respecting, when in fact Signal users are subjected to mass surveillance through Google Playstore & the by way of the requirement to have a mobile phone number which is then supplied to . is a bit more privacy respecting but still has issues.

@bojkotiMalbona Yeah, I have not tried #Wire, do they even have an iOS client? Threema is another relatively good option although no message expiration. At least they don't force ID via phone number.

Wire supports iOS, mac, windows, linux, android, and there's a browser app.

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