the pastebin ( is now treating users as spammers. It gives: "Could not add your entry to the paste database: do not spam". Using a different exit node and user agent makes no difference.

the .info server for (wc2eyfmw7wrwomf4.onion) has been down for a couple days. Anyone know about that? is constantly timing out.. This test site unusable. Are there any public instances yet?

Just deleted my keybase account. Was overdue anyway.

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The latest Sci-Hub working domain(Last check time:Sun, 10 May 2020 17:13:01 GMT) 
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question: why don't ATM cards have a distress PIN? That is, an alternate PIN which also allows access, but presents an artificially low balance & triggers a 911 call?


So, in Norway the gov made a Covid tracker app. Wouldn't open the source code, saying open source was a security risk, especially given the short dev time. In less than a week, ppl have decompiled it, published how it works, found sec faults and made GH repos. That went well...


GNU sed has a nice 'e' modifier for substitutions:
sed 's/.*/date +%F -d &/e' << EOT

#GNU #sed #Linux

I would never buy a #smartTV, because #nonfreesoftware. Yet I'm the one that gets called in when a family member's #Vizio becomes unusable with #Netflix & #Amazon apps suddenly failing. What does Vizio tech support say? They said: "buy an #AppleTV".

@kensanata Is there a dedicated Mastodon account for your -mastodon plugin? I sometimes want to talk about that but I'd rather not pollute the mentions of your personal acct.

does not deserve a "C" rating from :

users are forced to execute in order to solve a . This breaks criteria C0.0 & C3.

/cc @fsfe (since FSF doesn't seem to have an acct?)

Incompetant scumbags.

Ppl, plz do not host your project on if you intend to collect reports from the public.

If the house across the street installs #AmazonRing or #Google #Nest in a way that surveils my house, it will be an act of war.

Have any U.S. cities legislated against a neighbor installing such that it surveils the neighbor across the street?

I forgot the tracker was broken, and typed up another bug report -- only to find that there is a and it's broken.

Fuck me.

It's a fucking disgrace.

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