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So I've been looking for a decent git web viewer that doesn't try to reinvent git and I finally found one I really like: cgit. I made a docker container for it:
…and wrote a blog post about it:

My wife was in the mood for some biscuits and gravy but we live in Mexico so I had to bring down some gravy mix from the US, buy some breakfast sausages here, and the make the biscuits from scratch. They turned out pretty decent if I may say so myself. Next up will be finding a good recipe for homemade gravy!

…aaand I bought one. I waited almost 24 hours at least so it’s not an impulse buy, right?

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Doesn't seem to apply to renewals of existing domains unfortunately.

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Google's got a 20% discount on new domain registration OR transfers in going on now with promo code NEWSTART from now until Jan 31. Even if you don't want to use them as a registrar, you can still probably take advantage of that and then transfer the domain out. I imagine it's only for 1 year but still seems pretty good.

TFW you have to read one of your own blog posts to remember how to do something…

I'm too young to feel this old.

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We are doing another giveaway!

Enter to win a USB Data Blocker by commenting to this post with the following:

"I am in charge of my own #privacy and #security!"

We will choose a random name on Saturday after 2pm Central Time.

Feel free to share.

To receive the item, you will need to provide a mailing address. Name is not required. Winner notification will be posted as a comment and be Direct Messaged.

Learn about the #usb Data Blocker:

#iOS #android #computer

Also TIL you can set per-project vim config 🤯 how did I not know about this until now???

I'm betting it would be quite trivial to port this over to Ubuntu Touch as well…

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So, since I'm working on a Pi-hole app on both Android & iOS, I decided to try to consolidate my efforts by writing the code to interact with the Pi-hole in C instead of each platform's native code. In the end, I hope to only write platform-specific code for the UI. An unintentional side effect of this is I now have a CLI version as well! I'm having way too much fun with this

devkits are only $24.99?!? I've always wanted to get into embedded development…

Well, I broke down and bought a . I've wanted a Linux phone for a while, and as an Android app developer, I hope I can contribute a thing or two to on the apps side of things. I'd like to get into some of the OS development too but I'll take things one step at a time :)

Anybody using OpenWRT? How much of a hassle is it to maintain? Like on a scale from static website to email server, how much involvement is required to keep it up to date & functional? I currently have a Google Wi-Fi router I'd like to replace with something more private & secure (and FOSS)

"I don't drink much coffee, usually only 1 or 2 cups a day"

So, I'm giving Firefox another shot. I tend to swing back and forth on the privacy vs convenience spectrum quite a bit, ranging from "I don't want to hear the word 'Google'" to "who cares, it doesn't matter anyways". I'm hoping that I'll be able to find a happy medium between the two extremes and land somewhere leaning more towards the privacy side of things.

I really liked the Pi-Hole app I’m building for my wife on iOS but I’m an Android user myself, so I’m building it for me too! I’ll have a blog post detailing some of the features of the app soon but are there any Android users out there that would be willing to help me beta test it? The final Play Store version will be paid (probably $0.99 USD), but beta testers get it for free as far as I know and the app’s open source so if you can’t afford to or don’t want to support me, you won’t have to.

I’m in an awkward position where I’m an Android developer but have been using an iPhone as my daily driver for the past couple months now. Kinda miss some things about Android but I do love being on an OS that’s more privacy and security focused and being on the same page as the rest of my family. Which do you use and why?

Any tips for getting over burnout? I’ve been in a gradual decline and tried to just push through it against my better judgement. I’m at the point now where I can’t even look at code outside of work and studying infosec stuff isn’t happening either. I have a bad habit of burning out hard and for long periods of time so I’m hoping to avoid that again.

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what if all jobs were phrased like "attorney at law"?

programmer at computer

chef at food

barista at coffee

surgeon at brain

It’s days like today where a little pre-workout in the morning is absolutely essential in getting my ass to the gym. Unfortunately I didn’t realize it was raining before I took it and I walk to the gym. Oh well, no going back now

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