Anyone else working on the SANS Holiday Hack Challenge? (link below) I've gotten through 4 of the objectives so far and a handful of terminal challenges but it'd be fun to group up and meet some other people.

Also thanks again to @gangrif for pointing it out to me! I appreciate it!

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@billy haven't started this year myself, but I'm definitely going to check it out!

@gangrif good luck! There's some interesting stuff in there and I've already learned a good amount after just one day (and I haven't even gone through the talks yet)

@billy If it's as good as previous years, you'll find it very informative... and maybe a little overwhelming. ;) Enjoy it!

@gangrif @billy now I know it's Christmas I'm terrible, but I love it all the same... Just updating my playlist

@ddench @billy right? It's not Christmas until I'm at the north pole hacking.

@gangrif @billy I feel something special has happened. My 9yo spent last night doing the santavator puzzle, she's nearly done. I have a mixture of pride, happiness and annoyance! Get off my lawn kid, I wanna go!😄

@billy @gangrif didn't know it was oht already. Will pick it up during the week.

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