50% of my dns queries are for ads and tracking at home. Adblocking is a requirement in 2018.

@biffbiffbiff damn son. What's the address which gets the most hits on the blocklist?

@biffbiffbiff Almost 70% here today. The wife's favourite mobile game really hammers the PiHole.

@jibec @Torrone @biffbiffbiff An even better behaved network! I'm guessing there's not too many windows clients on there. Or a comprehensive whielist.

No, I'm simply not using that much the public internet. Mostly mastodon, RSS feeds and working for open projects.
@matt @biffbiffbiff

Hooow, in $DEITY's name? I am never over 25%? Do you use ad blockers in browser - maybe if not, that would explain such high percentage?

Are you blocking via hosts and if so what is your hosts file

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