When client gets ransomware via open rdp when you have 2x 2 month old tickets where you notified them that is was bad and they needed to let you turn it off.

Followup to toot earlier in the week, I've posted my baseline security audit we do for new client onboardings. Huge thanks to @troyhunt and @MGrafnetter for making this possible and making my job easier.


No gods.
No masters.

No saviors.
No kings.

No fate but what we make.

Heigh Ho Heigh Ho
its off to code I go
to fix your sec and find your holes
Heigh Ho

I haven't posted anything on my site in a while and figured it was time. Quick rundown of how to deploy your own VPN service for personal or family/friends use. ENJOY!



A friend of mine was recently involved in a motorcycle accident. Bike totaled, wrist broken, surgery for torn ligaments needed. He has no health insurance. Anything you can give would help gofundme.com/shaun039s-ouchie-

I'm a software engineer who finally got job in offensive security. Wish me luck :)

hey russian person, plz stop trying to say hello to my kaseya server. kthnx.

Things I've had/have on my plate since yesterday morning
-2 down servers with clients fussing and being angry. backups not working as intended and jumping through hoops to fix
-2 in person interviews for hybrid helpdesk/field pos
-Vetting a new RMM to see if better than current one
-Deploying a mobile device management software for 8 ipads blind
-Managing people not showing up to work on time.
-Normal service tickets and escalations.
-Projects I've had cooking for a few weeks that need attention

Took a space picture with my phone. Can see the Orion nebula. Neato.

Another cool thing about and in general. The online outrage machine seems to basically not exist. Even scrolling the federated timeline I don't see it. Thanks for being chill everyone :blobreach:

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Our pond has gotten quite full from all the rain. Took opportunity to take daughter kayaking. Good memories.

is there another google voice-like service that isn't google?

Been off work for 10 days after the death of my father-in-law. Feels good to try to get back to normal routine. I only have 45 tickets and 360 unread emails. 🤦‍♂️

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