is there another google voice-like service that isn't google?

Been off work for 10 days after the death of my father-in-law. Feels good to try to get back to normal routine. I only have 45 tickets and 360 unread emails. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

I've also been playing lots of video games. Snagged the new Bittboy and installed cfw. Not bad for $40.

Been home during grieving time for my father-in-law. Trying to keep my mind busy. Found and started to use Heimdall for a landing page for my self hosted services. Super impressed

Assisted suicide should be a human right. My father-in-law was suffering with ALS and entering the end stages. Not wanting us to see him way, he took his own life today. He should've been able to do this on his terms, surrounded by his family. We are devastated.

Made a quick script to stage the tools we need for security auditing during our onboarding process. We check their NTLM hashes for their ADUC against haveibeenpwnd and check their email addresses against it as well. We also check router for port fwds/open vnc/rdp/up to date firmware etc. Just because you work at a MSP doesn't mean you have to suck at security.

Thanks to everyone who tolerated me being a sad boi yesterday and offered kind words. Its much appreciated.

Dealing with some rather rough personal shit Sorry for being emo or whatever. I cobbled together a few normal pieces and messed with colors, double exposure, alignment and and I think it's probably perfect embodiment of my current feelings. Thanks for not being judgemental.

do πŸ‘ not πŸ‘ expose πŸ‘ rdp πŸ‘ to πŸ‘ the πŸ‘ internet πŸ‘. Use πŸ‘ a πŸ‘vpn πŸ‘ or πŸ‘ ACL πŸ‘ you πŸ‘ coward/potato.

Taking over from previous IT vendor who left 3389 open on an ASA that is sitting in front of a Fortinet. Client got ransomwared. Thanks shadow copies for being awesome. Screw you vendor for being bad at basic security. Interested in an @Intel C3558-powered with 8x2TB HDDs, a tiny footprint and running @FreeNAS ? Are you interested in winning it for free? Check out the details at the bottom of this blog!

protip- microsoft allows you to name your computer with any unicode character. This includes emoji's. I'm 31 going on 12.

23 updates to apps and features are just too many for us to summarize in one toot! Check out our full release notes to learn what improvements we made:

Sorry I've been gone for a bit. How's everyone doing?


Prediction: at some point, failure to actively and completely participate in social networks will be considered a sign of subversive behavior that must be investigated, similar to using PGP email or Tor is today.

Currently working on a kaseya/powershell script to alert if 3389 is open to outside world. This should be fun.

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