Wife got dog a sweater. Such a strange looking ball of love.

Hoodies are just adult security blankets, change my mind.

Fediverse people, is it just me or does Mastodon feel like early Twitter? I feel genuinely interested and invested in your posts and despite you being strangers... I care about your well-being. I'm not alone in this right?

One thing my dad absolutely SPLURGED on when building our family home was insulation. Like a foot or two of polystyrene on a foot thick concrete walls.

TO ALL: Splurge on insulation. Compared to heating costs, it pays for itself

@danyspin97 @Shamar

Besides, redirecting from HTTP to HTTPS is a flawed idea.

The browsers should always try HTTPS first, and only if it doesn't work, try HTTP.

If they MITM your first connection, they can downgrade you to HTTP in both approaches.

If there's HSTS, the you type link w/o scheme, and you get MITMed on _second_ connection, you're protected in both approaches.

The approach w/o redirect saves a round-trip and increases support for older devices.

Facebook is the least trusted tech company, for handling personal data: fortune.com/2018/11/08/mark-zu

I have been wondering: how quickly could a site like Facebook die? I think it could happen very quickly, if there were an alternative platform. Once the network effect shifts from Facebook to something else, it's basically Myspace city. The challenge is establishing that network effect somewhere else.

Haven't turned heat on all day. This house is insulated with black magic.

I feel like mental dog shit. Huge wave of depression. Craving a drink after a long time of sobriety. My attitude towards everything is "fuck it" right now. I guess as long as I don't leave the house I won't get myself into any trouble...

I'm now going to try to play rocket league. Wish me luck. Sorry competitive teammates. Also if any of you fine folks wanna add me on steam I'm "existential fred"

Dear Fediverse. Had panic attack. Took xanax. Feel like gummy bear. Plz provide entertainment or jokes or insightful information. Best wishes. - ME

Make sure you vote tomorrow. Or don't. Nothing you do will matter in 500 years. 🤣

Today is a do nothing and nap kind of day, but I'm at work. This presents a problem for me :(

Yeah sex is great, but have you ever mowed your lawn and then put your hands on your hips and looked at the finished product?

There are two types of people in this world. Those who think Shrek is a groundbreaking funny animated film for all ages and those who are wrong.

Wrote a kaseya script to give me disk encryption status on any Windows endpoint. IT is fun.

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