Parsing Azure Network Security Group flows with PowerBI. Much better than reading the raw json.

This Monday, let’s all join in a moment of silent contemplation for all the people who have to use Flash or Silverlight-based applications in their daily work.

Comic and indoor hammock time. Hurricane trying to interfere with my relaxing...

@jotbe @freedomboxfndn Adding an application to FreedomBox is easy if the application is already offered as a Debian package. Here's a (somewhat outdated) tutorial on how to do it.

There's also a tool to quickly bootstrap a new application.

BTW, FreedomBox already has MediaWiki which IMO is more feature-rich than Dokuwiki.

#freedombox #mediawiki #dokuwiki

Kaseya server wasn't sending email after a 2008 to 2008r2 upgrade (I know I know). Turns out the upgrade kept all roles and features except SMTP. Whoops.

Also I have the insomnias. What should I do with this restless sleepless energy.

Sorry I haven't tooted in a few days. Life has been busy. Lack of sleep and a 51 hour week.

Tired of people in the office asking if our Comcast circuit is down or not. So I made a thing to show current status of each of our internet providers.

Doing a little multitasking this morning. What are you all up to fediverse?

New Linux mint ain't bad. Opted to use it along with katoolin for my pentesting tools. I think this settles my daily driver hunt for a while.

Dog cuddles plus Batman the Killing Joke. My kind of way to unwind after a 10 hour day.

When you accidentally reboot a production server in the middle of the day.

Protip: if you have a client with an old ASA 5505 who won't pay for upgrade but wants to use VPN on Windows 10 - install the sonicwall ssl vpn client and the. Install the Cisco VPN client. Apparently their drivers for network adapter things are similar enough that this fixes it. Or ya know have your client buy a meraki/fortinet/pfsense box...

To the person(s) who discovered/developed Klonopin/Vyvanse/Buspar/Lexapro/Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,

This is the most normal I've felt in 6 years. My family has noticed as have my coworkers. Anxiety/Depression/ADD no longer consume my life. I'm grateful beyond words.


Traumatized Dude Living a "Normal" Life

PS - thanks fediverse for listening. I don't share this type of stuff on other platforms.

I fried a friend's laptop while swapping the hard drive for the first time tonight. Because I was petting a dog and generated enough static to kill the Mobo. First time in my 11 year career in IT I've done that. Luckily I have a few extra laptops laying around so friend got one of those with better specs. He got new laptop I got to pet a dog. All in all I'd say it was a success. Goodnight fediverse fam.

Holy crap. Malware hidden in a strand of DNA hijacks the computer that analyzes that particular gene sequence.

We're going to live in a very weird world man.

Morning fediverse peeps. Here is my dog for your approval. She looks like Dobby the house elf.

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