Rewrote the code generating in and switched to using for the poster images since amazon links stopped working. My only complaint is that the JSON parser in Go doesn't give very useful error messages when I mess up the JSON, so I have to cat it through 'python3 -m json.tool' to check it.

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@tinker SparkFun has a variety of cellular things - (I don't have any personal experience with them though).

@nbering If I'm reading correctly you can either make a /v2 subdirectory, or add /v2 to the go.mod path and your imports but it doesn't need to move under /v2/

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Last call! Today is the final day for your donation to the Tor Project to count twice.

Take a stand against tracking, surveillance, and censorship online:

@flex_lm I'd chose the flame thrower option myself :)

This Prusa MK3 is an amazing piece of engineering. Assembly went almost perfectly (one wrong nut, a couple of holes needed some extra cleanup) with the calibration coming back perfect.

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Vulnerabilities in the mobile phone infrastructure “should be at the top of our cybersecurity agenda, yet policymakers and industry leaders have been nearly silent on the issue,” writes EFF Senior Staff Technologist @cooperq in the @nytimes

Here's my script for GPG signing the blog and updating the minimum set of files on S3 -

Ends up using s3cmd --cf-invalidate can get expensive when you're repeatedly pushing out a static site. Adding one post touched about 200 files. And that's after I wrote a script to only re-sign changed pages.

@R10T Mostly because I felt like the site was due for a change. The small issue that pushed me over was trying to figure out how to stuff a Mastodon social icon into the mg theme I was using. It uses font-awesome and a bunch of css magic I couldn't unravel or figure out how to update. The Hugo theme I'm using, mainboard, needs some tweaks but has been easy in comparison.

Pretty happy with how easy it is to hack , my website is now generated with it and a slightly modified mainroad theme. Only took me a day to moved the content over from .

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We have 4.5k followers on Mastodon. If each gave just $2, we would double our fundraising goal the day.

Tor is vital for resisting tracking, surveillance, and censorship online.

If we get just a few thousand more dollars today, we'll even release a surprise.

Help us get there:

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