First problems with mk3s, Firmware 3.7.1 broke the filament loading. Downgraded to 3.5.2 and it's working again.

@meonkeys A title along with the links would make this more readable :) Great talk BTW!

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We've got a blog post that explains our views & reaction to #GItHub's new #Sponsors program & related initiatives. We're concerned that it (so far) ignores key governance issues for #FOSS projects related to funding. #Sustainability #FOSSSustainability

@micahflee Also looks ok on my ancient Air running git 2.17.2 (Apple Git-113). I can view the commit object and the email looks ok to me. LANG is en_US.UTF-8 here.

@micahflee What OS are you using? Works fine on Linux.

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Recently sites have appeared which claim to provide ProtonMail coupons or provide our customer support number. Be wary as these sites may be malicious. ProtonMail does not provide publicly available phone numbers or coupons.

@entreprelife Losing people one at a time is hard enough, I'd say you've got every reason to feel sad. Sorry you're going through this.

@jerry No. Still no IPv6 access here unless I setup a tunnel, which isn't worth the hassle :)

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Got an *old* Canon camera?

Roman needs your help getting his hands on some .CRW files to provide support for testing! Please help out if you can (check the topic for more info).

(In fact, we can use _many_ camera model raw files using old .CRW - please take a moment to check out and see if you have a camera we're missing raw files for!)

#raw #photography #canon #FreeSoftware

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Have you ever wondered what it's like to organize a community tech conference?

Join the SeaGL organizing team!

We just started planning the 2019 event, so it's the perfect time to hop on board. Seattle residency not required!

Email participate @seagl DotOrg.


Also, check out #seagl on Freenode IRC.

Reflashed the with new firmware this weekend and so far it has been working great (no more randomly repeating keys). Way better than returning it for a fix.

First time I've had a CC used with a fake vendor name. Is this something new, or have I just been lucky? Charge was manually entered from 'Xotyzqhn'

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Privacy and freedom are the rights of human beings everywhere. We're helping people exercise these fundamental rights online. Your support can help us protect the rights of millions:

Fixed my NanoStation throughput problem. It was was the walls :/ 90Mbps vs. 10Mbps is worth the time for some extra cable and a 3d printed wall mount.

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After months of work, we have a new stable release: Tor It contains improvements for power management and bootstrap reporting, as well as preliminary backend support for circuit padding to prevent some kinds of traffic analysis.

@climagic Well, I'd recommend Fedora 30 (just released!) but I'm a bit biased :) We have various ways to build custom images for use with VMs --

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We’re a small nonprofit that develops free and open source software used by millions, and our community of contributors and users would greatly benefit from improved documentation on Tor.

Through Season of Docs 2019, we're looking for technical writers to help us:

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Government agencies and airlines expected no pushback from passengers when they implemented face surveillance. Wow, were they wrong.

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