How do you check for updates (eg. a new patch level) or upgrades from the cmdline? freebsd-updates doesn't seem to have any kind of 'list available versions' option.

@bcl yeaaaaaaaaah about that... you don't.
Because the person who wrote freebsd-update basically immediately abandoned it. So it just languishes around as the world continues to wait for pkg-base to actually make it into a release. (Which of course, has it's own significant issues with regards to your question.)

@rootwyrm So the only way to tell is to dig through the directories at Up until now I've just been running freebsd-update fetch and using the latest, but pondering moving from 11.2-p10 to 11.3-?? made me wonder if -RELEASE is the latest or if there is a snapshot yet...

@bcl Basically...
curl$(uname -m)/ | awk '{print $9}'

If it's in there, it's in freebsd-update snaps as an -r target. But of course, it won't tell you what the patch level is, nor is there any reasonable way to find the patch level.

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