been self-hosting on a $5 vps for a year after creating a simple way to do so. source code here: git.habd.as/comfusion/high-tea

please share

if you can't beat them, join them. the p30 is the best phone i've ever used.

don't forget gps, fm, infrared. without measuring it's not possible to be certain. and without open hardware we cannot measure

that's why sites mining need to add terms to protect themselves. a simple term stating the device connecting is not someone else's device should suffice. example here: habd.as/about/#terms

airplane mode doesn't prevent radios from functioning. to prove this simply enable it, then click WiFi or Bluetooth.

If you haven't seen it the newer MateBooks have a dedicated, mechanical camera key which serves to hide the camera from field of view when not in use.

@jerry glad to see it working again. lost access from mastalab for about a month

@gcluley my understanding is that sd cards use quite a bit of redundancy and may be up to 10x the stated size. not sure if the same applies to usb as well. what time does usb discussion start within the ep. so i can seek?

@TheGibson t-shirt sales are great. are you driving traffic directly from social or are you picking up organic traffic on a blog too?

pairing live operating system with mojave in a practical application that incentivizes security through reward habd.as/post/unbrick-micro-sd-

@smallsees someone asked me on the reddit sub yesterday if there was a way to check the safety of a wp plugin i created. any tips for static code analysis or dev in PHP?

how a failed upgrade left my machine vunerable to two for more than a week, and how you can prevent it from happening to you too habd.as/post/backup-restore-ma

@R10T had to redraft that as was out to breakfast. please take another look. love to hear thoughts on as that's a personal nonstarter for me to help fundraise, and if I can help support a good cause I'd like to
@varx @jerry @x_cli

Just a reminder, you can support infosec.exchange through liberapay: liberapay.com/Infosec.exchange


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