@balibebas does this mean Linux can no longer be mirrored on GitHub?
@feld @balibebas This thing kinda reminds me of RSA and other algorithms being banned because they were considered to be weapons at the time…
@lanodan @balibebas how about GCC and LLVM/Clang? I bet they're used to compile code for WMDs
@lanodan @feld @balibebas Does this means that no code on github is actually free software 🤔​

> The freedom to run the program as you wish, for any purpose (freedom 0).
@ilja @feld @balibebas Well, that’s quite a roundabout way but in the end… probably.
And it’s not like most code of github is not under a OSI/FSF license.

@ilja @feld @lanodan the best things in life are free. see also: newpipe and search "x264 YIFY"

@lanodan @feld that's right! thanks for the reminder. was that the tech which was printed to allow sale overseas? i forget

@balibebas @feld Probably yeah, RSA was printed on books, t-shirts, … to exploit the first amendement.

@feld gh doesn't allow pull mirrors unless the customer is enterprise. but linus might be able to answer that for you

@balibebas it's just an attempt to stave off harassment from the US government for potentially hosting code used by militaries or military contractors.

@jerry seems fairly one-sided to me. if they were truly autonomous they'd merely forbid it. here they're condoning

@r3bl once jobs died apple got this guy that said "he" personally cannot access private keys when dealing with consumer privacy. stand up guy, no doubt


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