Started looking into and the concept is very intriguing. Decentralisation through a peer to peer social network. The app seems straightforward enough. Who else from the is on here?

@aussierockman I'm still figuring it all out. I just installed scuttlebot and can now launch a server. Now I'm looking at apps, and there are a couple of public invite links here:
Is that what you're looking for? Or do you mean an invite to directly follow me? Sorry, still learning! :)

@aussierockman rightyo so looks like Patchwork has an embedded Scuttlebot, so I was wrong trying to run my local Scuttlebot at the same time as Patchwork. If you want to follow me, you should be able to do that with my public key: @5RbEn0LdmI/Gokvm1Z+BmcZ3wwuR4p2UclgNrHIGajw=.ed25519

@aussierockman i looked into it before, couldn't find any pubs interesting for me
also it's inconvenient: resource-hungry, leaks ip, the desktop client is written in electron and doesn't have tabs or ctrl-f search...

though if there'll be interesting discussions, i'd want to give it another try

@leip4Ier sounds like it's a little while off from being a real hub for social media. Thanks for the insight!

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