Ok, real #retrocomputing realtalk. In your opinion, what’s the most esthetically pleasing old computer or terminal?

Here’s my top 3 (list subject to change without notice due to new finds and whims)...

#3 Atari 800 (1979)

An extremely pleasingly friendly yet futuristic design. Those yellow keys!

#2 LexisNexis Terminal (1980s)

If computers were designed by Italian Memphis designers.


@thomasfuchs were the fins for aesthetics or were they actually functional in heat dissipation?

@aussierockman I think they’re there for both. This thing is small and packed to the gills, and has no fan, so the fins should help at least a little bit. And they look cool.

However, the Plus/4 is notorious for dying ICs due to overheating (I have one and mine is dead, too).

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