Best (In no particular order). Running list please add as you see fit: ✌️
- Darknet Diaries (Storytelling and history)
- Cyberwire (Daily news headlines)
- Smashing Security (Hilarious take on the week's news) @gcluley
- Risky Business (Weekly news with more in depth analysis)
- Malicious Life (Storytelling and history)
- Hacking Humans (Social engineering news and discussion)
- Cybercrime Investigations (Wannacry investigative journalism)

@aussierockman I would like to say Sans Internet Storm Center should be on this list too (daily news headlines)

I've just started listening to Root Access and it is fantastic! Informative and refreshing with testimonials from various experts including Troy Hunt and @gcluley

@aussierockman I haven't heard of this pod before - so I doubt I'm on it. :) However, if you're recommending it I'll definitely check it out.

@gcluley hosted by Josh Pyorre. I could have sworn I heard your voice on there. Your statement is now making me doubt myself. Unless god forbid, I dreamt I was listening to you in a podcast. Mega creepy 🤮

@aussierockman that *is* creepy! ha ha. but listening to one of the episodes, they did seem to grab audio from news reports so maybe it's possible I *was* on an episode without knowing I was on it. If you see what I mean... :)

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