Best (In no particular order). Running list please add as you see fit: ✌️
- Darknet Diaries (Storytelling and history)
- Cyberwire (Daily news headlines)
- Smashing Security (Hilarious take on the week's news) @gcluley
- Risky Business (Weekly news with more in depth analysis)
- Malicious Life (Storytelling and history)
- Hacking Humans (Social engineering news and discussion)
- Cybercrime Investigations (Wannacry investigative journalism)

I've just started listening to Root Access and it is fantastic! Informative and refreshing with testimonials from various experts including Troy Hunt and @gcluley

@aussierockman I would like to say Sans Internet Storm Center should be on this list too (daily news headlines)

@aussierockman I haven't heard of this pod before - so I doubt I'm on it. :) However, if you're recommending it I'll definitely check it out.

@gcluley hosted by Josh Pyorre. I could have sworn I heard your voice on there. Your statement is now making me doubt myself. Unless god forbid, I dreamt I was listening to you in a podcast. Mega creepy 🤮

@aussierockman that *is* creepy! ha ha. but listening to one of the episodes, they did seem to grab audio from news reports so maybe it's possible I *was* on an episode without knowing I was on it. If you see what I mean... :)

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