Although I try not to get mixed up with US politics, this is a good first step for helping whistleblowers! Bernie Sanders Pledges to End Practice of Prosecuting Whistleblowers Under the Espionage Act

Brian Krebs with some easy to digest writing on the dangers behind forgotten “God mode” accounts.
Avast, NordVPN Breaches Tied to Phantom User Accounts

Scammers Use Fake in Click Fraud Campaign. Knowing users will click through questionable prompts as jailbreaking involves breaking the trust chain, they take advantage of this security

Briansclub hit with a data breach exposing a third of the world’s stolen credit cards. Now the big banks can cancel and replace these. Fair shake of the sauce bottle!

Why is it such a big deal that Safari send Safe Browsing data to Tencent? The ip addresses can be used to de-anonymise users which could be weaponised by the Chinese government

A serious assessment of China’s influence on the world both digitally and economically. Their great firewall, great cannon and pressure on multinational corporations

Who didn't see this coming? attempting to attack presidential candidates for the 2020 election. To their credit, the got to 4 out of their 241 targets. Funny how label them as "not sophisticated"

So an all-out nuclear war between India and Pakistan could very well result in global cooling and a serious reduction in global rainfall. Massive knock on effects there. Interesting study.

Google finds Android zero day that can take control of Pixel and Galaxy devices. 7 day disclosure cycle on this one. They couldn't wait to announce that their Pixel models were vulnerable 😂

Highlighting the serious issues that hospitals and the general healthcare industry has with . The lack of provisions within the IT infrastructure is really coming back to bite.

No massive game changing breaks in here. Sophos outline methods of extracting data due to the partial encryption feature in most PDF suites.

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