In my road to learn proper programming, I stumbled upon this great article on the history behind Unicode and its history. Great for newcomers trying to understand character encoding.

Juicy. Shutdown of government could delay court case against FCC’s net neutrality rollback. The FCC claim through lack of funding that their lawyers do not have adequate time to form arguments. However in previous shutdowns cases have still continued!

A lovely bar graph depicting how much tech executives cost for personal security. Facebook clearly have shit they don't want people to see

Pure VPN. A mob who claim no logs are kept, assist in the arrest of a bloke using their service for illicit activities with.....get this LOGS. What an absolute shit show

So Fortnite V-Bucks have joined the ranks of iTunes gift cards as a means of money laundering. I wonder when we'll return to laundromats being used to wash 💰

Old mates in Ukraine charged with hacking the data collection arm (EDGAR) of the SEC and selling private company information to "inside" traders. Ain't making your case for rescue against Russia any better mate 🤔

This clever bugger thought he was smart and "disclosing" the existence of internal video surveillance cameras through a single picture showing the camera in the remote corner. What an absolute toss

So what's the best cure for chronic lower back pain? Apparently old mate here thinks it's injecting SEMEN into his arm. Guess not. Ends up in hosptial with a swelling in his arm about the size of me head 😂😂

Even when the counterintelligence mob in the US are telling citizens they need to take burner devices overseas, they don't listen. Welp. Let's just mail USBs with IP on them to China and save them the hassle.

So Ajit Pai rejects the request to brief Congress on why phone data is being sold to bounty hunters (Among others) citing the Trump shutdown as an excuse. Weak as me mum after finishing her yoga class

Cranes are the new Industrial Control Systems which are vulnerable to malicious hacking. It's astonishing to read that vendors have never released patches for firmware before. V0.00A

The classic double spend attack. Spend your money twice and fight the proof of work blockchain to get it recorded. So many new alt coins announce that their algorithm is resilient, agile and the best thing since sliced bread. Security seems to be an afterthought

If the judge in Elon Musk's "pedo guy" lawsuit dismisses the case because the "comments weren't meant to be taken seriously", this would be the death of every future defamation case.

Improving security on SCADA/industrial control systems is like wearing a condom. No one wants to do it but instantly wishes they had when their data (biological or otherwise) is accidentally shared with another party resulting in pregnancy or critical infrastructure compromise

Video game enthusiasts will love this - Lost NES Version Of Emerges After 27 Years. It was developed as a preview version for the Super Nintendo and contained iconic elements which made the title a landmark

Remember that emergency Internet Explorer patch released? Yeah it's preventing some Lenovo laptops from booting into Windows. Temporary fix recommended is to disable secure boot through UEFI.

The unfortunate tale of the not-so-tech savvy China recruited traitor in US intelligence. Unaware of his China comms phone storing his messages, it proved to ultimately be his downfall

Old mate scraped his company's internet proxy with grep to pull naughty searches by his colleagues. Resulted in over 40 staff dismissals. I guess you could say they were caught with their hands down their pants 😂

China's Nine-Month Freeze on New Video Game Approvals Will Soon Be Over. Giving Tencent a fighting chance at recovering.

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