Two of the most popular adblock extensions discovered to stuff tracking cookies into Chrome and generate revenue for the developers. Wouldn't be surprised if this was also present in the Firefox equivalent extensions

Taking back personal one step at a time! Hard drive is a great first step to minimising risk of unauthorised access.

Combating Hackers With Free Password Managers. A guide to setting up a password manager to secure your life!

Don't worry. It wasn't the secret recipe for Coca Cola that was stolen! Only a super secret BPA free packaging technology was taken with the intent of ripping off in China.

Australian Federal Parliament targeted in an attack on computer systems. Lots of speculation that it's China. Obviously no published proof yet so no point jumping on the bandwagon yet.

If you wanted to try connect your seal to a 5 GHz network, this isn't the way to do it! 😂😂

So the Kremlin have required that any financial institution operating in Russia provide them with an administrator account. Said account credentials were all stored on a default credential MongoDB account. And here I thought Russia implemented good OpSec

Imagine the CEO of your bank dying and taking all of your hard earned savings with them to the grave. You'd be absolutely livid right?

An absolutely riveting read about how an ex intelligence analyst found herself working against the US on offensive hacking operations. The read will not disappoint

Hacked Nest camera within family home broadcasting a (luckily) fake message that North Korean ballistic missiles were en route to stateside destinations. Despicable behaviour preying on families.

Malware authors are becoming a lot more devious. Android malware discovered to not release its payload if it doesn't detect movement via the motion sensor. I.e. Sandbox environments such as emulators would fail. And no, you cannot shake your monitor and pass that off as movement.

In my road to learn proper programming, I stumbled upon this great article on the history behind Unicode and its history. Great for newcomers trying to understand character encoding.

Juicy. Shutdown of government could delay court case against FCC’s net neutrality rollback. The FCC claim through lack of funding that their lawyers do not have adequate time to form arguments. However in previous shutdowns cases have still continued!

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