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O Mastodon Experts of #internetsecurity and #computersecurity wisdom,

are there resources out there for retirees and seniors to learn some web security matters?

my grandmother has gotten suckered by obnoxious pop-up scams twice and although fortunately not out any money, our family is looking for resources to make sure it doesn't happen again. if there's a course that might help explain this, or even something like a protected safe browser or ISP...?

thank you so much - retoots appreciated!

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Will be live streaming part 2 of me trying to wade my way through the 2018 PicoCTF challenges tonight. I think we'll start off with a binary exploitation challenge first up to get the blood flowing.

Kicking off in about 40 mins from NOW.

Bring your tea!

ටل 🧗 @TheColonial
Going live RIGHT NOW! Come join in the fun.

Bring ya friends, bring ya mum, bring ya tea, and bring ya chocolate!

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Does anybody have SSH with the yubikey working in the new, non-gpg-agent way? I followed the instructions at

The result for me is that I can ssh around just fine with the YubiKey key, but despite loading it into the SSH agent, I still get asked for a password each time:

% ssh root@hostname
Enter PIN for 'SSH Key':

This unfortunately breaks ansible (and is otherwise really annoying). Does anybody else see that? Searching the Internet didn't really help…

check out @OJ continued livestream on developing a CLR version of meterperter -

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"... turn on for 8 seconds ..."
This (real) video from GE on how to reset their "C" light bulbs is the most incredible how-to video you'll ever see.

They want to see how far they can push their customers before they snap.

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MySpace has lost all the music users uploaded between 2003 and 2015

Backups? Nah.. they're not very rock 'n roll...

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@Elizafox lol i've been getting this one as well. about 6 currently in my junk folder all with different wallets and dollar amounts. but always the same cisco router and cve.

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"Infosec/IT Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2018"
Thanks to

Are there any other deals people shouldn't miss?

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Bad news for users of in the community: a third party app, Fuckr, with an unknown means to access Grindr's API can pinpoint precise user location to within 16 feet. The worst part is that with API access, Grindr data can be aggregated also. Switch of location to keep this issue at bay.

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