#DuckDuckGo provided a great article about the risks of those public #USB-charging stations.


I think I wrote here about this quite a while ago, but here we go again:

There is something called "USB-Condom". Technically it's a chip that only takes the power from the USB connection, then implements the USB fast charging protocols and provides a socket for your regular USB cable to plug into. Just if you wonder why this pieces cost 6-7€ per piece.


Got a report that the #Finnish translation of Mastodon had some inaccuracies (presumably machine-translated by someone), if anyone who speaks 🇫🇮 wants proofreader privileges on Crowdin, let me know



if your Linux "cat" command gets stuck and you need to cancel it, you must run "killall -9 cat" because the process has 9 lives

To everyone who still makes text-based tutorials, thank you!

I'd much rather follow a text tutorial than wait 15+ minutes for a video tutorial to load.

Your work is very much underappreciated. Thanks again! 💜

google play store: download our app to manage [daily thing] by syncing it to our servers for analysis THE CLOUD and we’ll use advertising algorithms MACHINE LEARNING to make it easier

f-droid: yeah mate it’s a shopping list app it’ll make a text file so you can look at your shopping list

if you post a public post, you can be pretty sure it's being indexed and searchable. if you don't want that, don't post public posts.

sex work vs trafficking 

If you conflate sex work and trafficking you're harming both. They're muddled in together in order to crack down on sex work, and the result is harm to both sex workers and human trafficking victims and it's pushed underground and out of sight.
There's already laws to deal with trafficking, and introducing further laws which criminalise sex work make it harder to catch and prosecute traffickers and leave victims of it criminalised. Absolutely fuck off with that shit.

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Politics, milkshake 

Great thing about this milkshake stuff is it lets them know they are extremely exposed while also making them look like absolute babies for talking about 'violence' and how unsafe it is for them because of dairy products.

twitter, nazis, Mastodon discourse 

xkcd’s take on free speech can’t be posted often enough, especially with regards to the hordes of man children, nazis and bigots on borblesite demanding for their instances to be “recognized” or listed officially..

Guess what? It’s not going to happen, because the community is showing you the virtual door.. 👋🖕

Tradition is just peer pressure from dead people.

wow, this is a new one

if you need my “personal data” to pay your staff then you need to find a more ethical fucking business model

Why is software that is programmed with taxpayers’ money not released as Free Software? We want legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for public sector must be made publicly available under a Free and Open Source Software licence. youtube.com/watch?v=iuVUzg6x2y

Yesterday, I was bored and went through the dumbest click bait I could find, and I just want to share this fun fact with you that still makes me smile:

Neil Armstrong read backwards is "Gnorts, Mr. Alien".

it’s always better for screen readers and just people who may have issues focusing on text to capitalize the first letter in words in hashtags

#likeThis or #LikeThis

rather than


keep making the fediverse more accessible.

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