With the way technology is moving and how threats are evolving. soon there will be antivirus for vehicles.

Is it possible to see/check if your calls are being monitored?

Merry Christmas, infosec.exchange and the rest of the fediverse. I hope you have a great day!

If you think you are having a bad day.

In there is presidential candidate who had zero votes from the polling station she voted from.πŸ€”

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a method of fighting emails and attacks. SPF is designed to prevent forged or spoofed emails being sent by checking and validating that the sender is authorised to send email from the domain they're claiming to be from.


Don't be a victim of a scam while shopping online this or any other day. Follow the link for some tips on how to shop online safely.


It's impossible to keep track of all breaches that take place, and Mozilla wants to help out with this Firefox Monitor tool.


Do these android phones really need antivirus? πŸ€”

if a user with access admin role on Cisco FMC makes a change on configs: note this user has no deploy option.

when a user with admin role deploys policies, will the changes made by access admin be effected?πŸ€”

Instagram recently patched a security bug in its website that might have accidentally exposed some of its users' passwords in plain text.

Plaintext passwords for some users who used the "Download Your Data" feature were included in the URL and also stored on Facebook's servers due to a security bug. The company recently started notifying affected users.

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