It's : is often the only way to recover from hardware issue, system crash, virus or ransomware. Will be even more helpful if you without the physical presence of your IT team. So please backup at least your most important files on USB or Cloud drive.

‪My turn to activate this tag. This evening I leave workplace for some days, weeks or more ... I will miss the good internet access, but all I need to work is already in my everyday @511Tactical Rush 24 backpack. And I’m prepared to the worst with this patch 😂‬

@foxty sinon au pire il y a un module featherwing fona chez Adafruit, si tu veux te lancer dans le DIY sans a avoir à faire ton PCB avec toi même 😇 par conte vérifie que le module est compatible Europe. Mais j’en ai vue dans des boutiques en France, donc ça dois exister 😇

@foxty regarde la FAQ sur, a première vue ya moyen d’ajouter ça soit même 😇

@foxty peut être le WiPhone : par défaut il n’y a même pas de 3G, uniquement le wifi. Mais tu dois pouvoir greffer un module 3G dessus.

‪Happy 0x7e4 Year 😎‬
‪Have fun coding, making, soldering‬

‪❄️🌲❄️ Merry Christmas All 🎅🏻☃️😎‬
‪Take care of your family.‬
‪And Protect your accounts and your data : , , , Encrypted USB Flash Drive ...‬

@TheGibson Hello, I hope all going fine on 😎 I seen that some people have multiple Mastodon accounts, and that you can post on local only ... so I wonder if I could join your place 😇 ... if it make sens for you of course. Thank you.

Upgraded my standalone system (USB SSD external drive) from 6.5 to 6.6 😈
It's lot easier than in past :
# syspatch
# sysupgrade
# sysmerge
# pkg_add -u
Then reboot 😎

I like modularity and versatility of this small config : 13” LCD screen, , running (& dual boot ) with window manager. Easy swap the udoo with , Nvidia , ...

Minimalist but modern and comfortable Unix Terminal : first generation + @BlinkShell App + Lighting/USB+Power adapter + @hhkb_pro2 keyboard on @archlinux host with , : @emacs & @wtfutil & ⌨️😎

Tiens nous au courant, curieux de voir ça ☠️😇🛠

@nbering : yes their boards are great and they also have lot of informations, and examples on their website and git repository. @adafruit really do a great job, love their products.

‪Weekend is time for Headers soldering my @adafruit & RFID/NFX Shield (to use it with my new ) 🛠 Fun coding @CircuitPython will follow 🐍💻☠️🎛‬

A voté 😇 & thanks to the voting machine 🤖🗳: no need to print myself on a A4 70g paper to vote 😅

Finalized stickers decoration on my old MacBook Pro and iPad Pro : Thanks to @openbsd @debian @blackarchlinux @kalilinux @pimoroni @ProtonMail @ProtonVPN & all projects that are a big source of fun & inspiration 😇

‪Was time to start putting stickers on my mid 2012 . Priority to my fav : @debian, @blackarchlinux and @openbsd. Waiting imminent arrival of my @ProtonMail and @ProtonVPN stickers to put more if I can 😅Same soon on

‪Setup and window manager on my @archlinux, @ubuntu and @openbsd to made the @pimoroni manage my virtual desktops and screen lock the same way 😎‬
‪Tested it on the @UDOO_Board x86, @NVIDIAEmbedded and .‬

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