Received my ultra, it boot @blackarchlinux on the external USB SSD I usually use my PC & Mac. The BiOS allow easy selection of boot source, will be a joy to test different OS. Arduino inside, only twice bigger than and lot of power. Thanks @UDOO_Board !

Parrot OS installed successfully on the 32GB eMMc of this nice little udoo x86 (but didn’t setup swap partition on it)
The M2 SSD will be a better target choice (should receive one tomorrow)

@alx Interesting. I might have to look at those.

One thing I noticed in the comparison with the Pi... the Udoo board is very heavily populated. The Raspberry Pi seems like it has actually reduced it’s part density over the years.

Pretty cool seeing more x86 boards hitting the market, though.

@nbering yes, what you can’t see in this photo is other side of the card : you have 2 M2 slots, one small one for a M2 WiFi/Bluetooth adapter, and a medium one for an M3 SSD. You will find here the microSD slots also, and a small battery for the BiOS. You also have a connector for SATA.
So not only high density of chips on the board, but also lot of connectors. For the video you have one HDMI and 2 Mini Display Port.

@nbering I think you can replace the small WiFi/bluetooth M2 card to add more Ethernet or more USB ports (you only have 3 USB ports on the udoo).
But the udoo need a good 12V 3A power supply ... so will not replace the Raspberry Pi or smaller board for all usages.

@alx Wow! That’s a lot of wattage on a small board! I guess that’s to be expected with a Pentium series processor and connectors you’d typically find on a desktop board (ie. SATA).

@nbering yes sometime a RaspberryPi Zero W or a nanopi Air is a better choice ... even smaller and less wattage than Raspberry Pi 3 😇 All dépend the usages.
Here is a photo of a nanopi Air, I think it’s my smaller Linux board for now. You have to solder the GPIO headers, so you can keep it very thin. 4 core ARM, 512 MB, 8GB eMMc, microSD, Bluetooth and WiFi (RaspberryPi 3B on the right)

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