@debugninja Thank god me selling bush weed on doesn't get affected by these commie fucks

@popefucker@cybre.space britbongs be like "cheeky"

@darkskysblue Finally someone else with a fondness for stimulants without senseless fear of needles (only joking about the last part). As far as I am concerned and the way it is, if I am not railing a line of some amphetamine every 2-3 hours, I might as well not be working. Nice kitty by the way.

@scott A family's wealth doesn't last more than 2-3 generations in today's world, before there was an extreme potential for social mobility, ruling families could lead without any potential rivalry, now the captains of industry come and go every year. Not to mention most of that wealth is tied down, doing work in the economy, if they attempted to liquidate their shares, they would get a fraction of the value listed on paper.

Nothing quite like a man by the shore, driving himself crazy trying to embrace the good waves preventing them from disintegrating, and pushing back the bad ones in hopes of preventing it from reaching him.

For each appreciation I will snort coke off the tits of a blonde hooker, for each mention I will rob the elderly


It's great to be here in Nevada. Nevada, Nevada, Nevada.

@lunch You got me there. Let's do this another time homebolio, it was great fun.

@popefucker@cybre.space We all shall ponder this thought while attempting to catch some sweet dreams late at night.

@lunch son of a bitch, you are driving me flexrupt, there are only so many times I can get in front of the mirror, lift my shirt, and do finger guns while telling myself: "good job"

@BrienneHarris Keep it up good buddy, nonverbal communication is always useful for situations like this, though making a post about the hand movement you had up your sleeve would shock simple minded folk

As the birds' chirping, rays of the sun start to become visible, I force leftover food down my throat in hopes of not dying of malnutrition. Nothing quite like picking up a fondness for stimulants because the lady of the house doesn't greet you with a warm meal by the time you return from a hard day's work.

@lunch This message made me do another flex, I got up, looked in the mirror, and with each flexation of muscular tissue, the screech of a bald eagle and the sound of a deadly weapon going off could be heard by anybody with or without ears within a 10 block radius.

@streetvalkyrie@radical.town Did somebody say... heist?

@vronline you better write one hell of a country song about this day

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