Nothing quite like a man by the shore, driving himself crazy trying to embrace the good waves preventing them from disintegrating, and pushing back the bad ones in hopes of preventing it from reaching him.

For each appreciation I will snort coke off the tits of a blonde hooker, for each mention I will rob the elderly

It's great to be here in Nevada. Nevada, Nevada, Nevada.

As the birds' chirping, rays of the sun start to become visible, I force leftover food down my throat in hopes of not dying of malnutrition. Nothing quite like picking up a fondness for stimulants because the lady of the house doesn't greet you with a warm meal by the time you return from a hard day's work.

At first waterboarding myself worked, now it doesn't.

Ah fuck I have done way too many under the counter ADHD medication and now I am illiterate to anything of substance

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So the DeepMind AI can beat humans at StarCraft ... I wonder if anyone's taken a solid shot at introducing machine learning to competing at Minecraft.

Everyone, please say howdy pardner to the man of the hour @jeff

According to the LAW, there is no law preventing the robbation of banks, and anyone that tells me otherwise is definitely not a lawyer or a scholar (as opposed to me)

I have been disassembling electronics and replacing arbitrary bits inside with everyday items one may find at home

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