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I’m after some advice from the community, I’ll be publishing advised and best practices for regular people in an easy to understand way, mostly via a blog and facebook. I would like to get feedback on what topics, also why that topic. If you know of a great example already please let me know. The aim is to help regular people be more aware of the pitfalls of computers and security, making the internet a safe place for all.

I’m open to all suggestions.

Thank you

@Wuzzle_Talk why using a different password on each site is important. Password managers
Antivirus - also real vs fake AV
Backups (online, usb, etc)
Privacy settings
iOS and Android security

Awesome, thanks, fake AV, I didn't think of that one

@Wuzzle_Talk economic incentives and why "we pinky promise not to share your data" doesn't redeem a "privacy-focused" service that's architecturally identical to Facebook

yes the pinky promise, do no evil until we change our terms of service 😥

@Wuzzle_Talk The dangers of default passwords on routers and IoT devices and why it should matter to them that their thermostat might be part of a botnet.

yes password managers will assist with the default login issue, as for IoT, I guess people need to start asking the question, does my front door or heater need to be on the internet? great points thank you.

@Wuzzle_Talk Where and how you post photos you've taken with your phone's camera. Those photos can include EXIF metadata with GPS coordinates and other details. Some sites scrape that metadata but others don't. Let's just be aware of metadata in general.

@woland @Wuzzle_Talk strangley enough, windoze10 has a built in method of clearing photo exif and other data simply by going to the files properties... I think it is under advanced from memory

@whonose123 @Wuzzle_Talk that's good. Someone should tell crazy John McAfee. :P

Awesome, thanks,I wasn't aware of a simple method for this, I'll investigate to see where that feature is at.

@Wuzzle_Talk @woland in W10 file explorer, right click and look at "properties" then in the "details" tab at the bottom is "remove properties & personal information" from there it is easy ;)

@Wuzzle_Talk For ordinary folk, I would suggest you add something to counter the "I don't care, as I have nothing to hide" argument. Also "do you know what your browser is doing? - adblocking isn't just about advertising" explaining that ads can be apps and all the evils of tracking etc.

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