> hey what's FTP stand for
< f the police
< i mean file transfer protocol
> thanks

On doxing @malwaretech:
From what I can tell, the Daily Telegraph was the first publication to share his name, although other festering sphincters of bad journalism — namely The Sun, The Mirror, and The Daily Mail — weren’t far behind. I’m not going to link to their piece, because fuck them.

Nothing like a bit of existential gore with Noomi Rapace and Charlize Theron to start the week.

FYI. If I ever say, "I cannot...", It is implied that "cannot"="cannot be arsed to". If I can be arsed to, I will find a way.

*sobs into Earl Grey*
People nowadays are happily and eagerly handing over their privacy to corporates just to get the latest app.

It's a black day for #russian internets: a bill draft was proposed by Russian government that bans usage of #VPN, #Tor, and other anonymizers. This happened only 10 days after a Tor exit node administrator #DmitryBogatov was arrested. Being anonymous is now a crime in Russia... #freeBogatov rublacklist.net/27859/

I kind of got a "thing" I need help with, if anyone will let me run an idea past them...

I found a way to turn a regular dog into a weeping angel from Doctor Who.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Get cake
2. Put cake on table
3. Look at dog

I dare you to blink.

What's the difference between mastodon.social and infosec.exchange? I know they are different instances of mastodon, but, wha?

Infosec Exchange

A Mastodon instance for info/cyber security-minded people.