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It also happens that the company has no idea what the job is. If you get this job, you might end up becoming the scapegoat and getting your self-confidence thoroughly destroyed.

So here is your reminder: the interview process is also for you to evaluate the company. Take care!


> Applying for jobs you don’t meet all the qualifications for is a no brainer. Worst case you’re rejected on submission.
> ...

Note that I say “semi-random” because I quickly realized that all the ~200kB images are political memes. The few >1MB images are less likely to be edited and more likely to be personal. But even here you have people making photos of their weapons or messages on computer screens.

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I did some semi-random sampling of images as well and can confirm this. While I didn’t count, almost all of it were political messages. Could it be that Parler wasn’t a social but rather a propaganda network?

I did see two cats though…


> 4) (est) +80% of images contain political or religious themes
> -----
> What strikes me as particularly odd is the ... lack of personal content? Very few pictures of people and/or their families.

I wonder how that will turn out. Few open source enthusiasts haven’t heard of the Mozilla layoffs last year. And most should realize that Common Voice is a non-essential project, likely to disappear next. So Mozilla might experience severe “pipeline issues” now.


> Mozilla is hiring for a Common Voice Community Manger. This is a great role and exciting project, growing a global community creating more inclusive and democratic voice AI.

For reference: a simple reboot solved this problem it seems. I meant to run fsck on boot but it doesn’t look like I succeeded. And that problematic file is simply gone.

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Looks like I found my first case of file system corruption on Linux in a very long time. File is visible in the directory listing but attempts to open or remove it result in “No such file or directory.” And this isn’t a permissions issue either.

Server upgrade time: Alpine 3.13 is out. While at it, I restricted SMTP port 25 even further: messages originating from a local domain no longer accepted here. Should get rid of the “look, I sent a mail from your mail account” scams.

If somebody is interested, here is a lengthy thread detailing their technical incompetence. I mean, supposedly it wasn’t a hobby website.

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I’m not actively tracking the Parler story, but what I hear amazes me more and more. So they spent $300k on hosting per month (!) but couldn’t hire a decent developer? Could it be that their CTO was of those guys who cannot accept anybody more competent than themselves?

Just realized that the Twitter server responds with “400 Bad Request” here. That’s IMHO a very unconventional way of saying: “Your request is fine but I don’t like the client you are using.”

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I’ve looked through the available info and everything adds up. Yes, it seems that activists managed to archive at least 30TB of data. It’s now safe to use the past tense when speaking about Parler. Even ignoring the technical difficulties, there is no coming back from that.

I must say, for a “free speech” platform Parler had quite a lot of moderators (note: that’s not a full list). Maybe it wasn’t “free speech” after all but “only speech we like”?

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This means: all messages and videos have been downloaded in a crowdsourced fashion, via publicly available Docker images. Even presumably deleted messages were still in the database. And people’s driver license images that they used to get the “Verified Citizen” status.

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This gets even bigger. If is legit (and so far everything matches up), Twilio dropping Parler made them implement a work-around that left accounts wide open for takeover. Like: admin accounts. So people have been using that to scrape all “private” data.

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Hi , this “browser” is the current Thunderbird release, a mail and RSS client. Its capabilities are no different from Firefox 78. How about you detect Gecko rather than detecting Firefox?

Better yet, do feature detection instead of UA sniffing:

The story is developing, now it’s not merely AWS. Parler lost Twilio who they used to implement 2FA, they’ve been dropped by their email provider and pretty much all other third-party providers. As points out, this will be major hurdle for them.

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Very nice explanation of Parler being kicked off Amazon Web Services and what this means now. AFACT, everything is correct. Parler promises to be back online by Tuesday but I also consider that highly unlikely.

Every now and then, for some reason will stop removing old kernels automatically. These fill up the /boot partition then and cause trouble. Found a support article on that, it seems that no linux-* packages should be marked as manually installed.

Somehow it’s easier to create an SVG icon myself than to figure out attribution for the existing ones in a browser extension. I am very grateful for that are available under a regular MIT license. Too bad they don’t have everything I need.

So, somebody published a add-on that does only one thing: open a new tab with the author’s website (which no longer exists). More than two years and ten 1-star reviews later, that add-on is still on Add-ons and has >400 users. Yeah, moderation works…

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