It’s funny to see open source and tech geeks discussing’s “People don’t want to run their own servers” and claiming that he “doesn’t get it.” It shows nicely everything that’s wrong with this bubble. No, he actually gets it, and you still don’t.


And I’m saying this as someone who runs their own web and email server. Because my skills are barely enough that this time investment sort of pays off. But for 99% of all people it doesn’t and never will. They don’t care about ideology. Heck, most don’t even care about privacy.

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I love open source but much of it is blindsided by only catering for people like yourself. There is nothing wrong with it but it’s also a reason why open source remains a niche. And companies are successful taking open source projects and tweaking them for the general population.

@WPalant would you say that, e.g. what Aral is trying to do with his 100% invisible small-web project also is in the bubble?
Do you mean there's no way we can make tools were you spin up something on a server without even realizing it? (sure you'd still need to pay for the server, but apart from that)

@silmathoron It isn’t the first project of this kind, I remember Opera’s in particular. I don’t know what they plan to do differently (in fact, it’s the first time I’ve heard about it at all), but usually these projects are doomed from the beginning. They fail to gain any significant adoption to be relevant.

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