Can some old people here help me maybe? I’m looking for an educational game from the late 80s or early 90s, most likely written in GW-BASIC. It explained logical operations to kids.

The game showed several mechanical hands that you could retract or expand using levers. The goal was finding the right sequence to put a ball down without it damaging anything. At first the levers controlled the hands directly, later through various junctions (logical ops).

Does anyone know the game or a remake?

Found it, both the original (Russian game from 1989, runnable in an MSX emulator) and a Windows remake with worse (!) visuals. Screenshot shows the original.

@zleap Simpler than this in fact. Here you have to build things. With the game I meant the arrangement was already fixed. You merely had to retract one hand after another so that the ball landed softly on the hand below it.

@WPalant YaY cool

My cousin had an MSX I had a ZX Spectrum 48k+

@zleap That was Yamahas that were used in our school’s computer room.

@twistylittlepassages @WPalant i was going to suggest Rocky's Boots as well; also its more involved sibling, Robot Odyssey, can be played in browser at

@diode @twistylittlepassages Yes, Rocky’s Boots does sound similar, though it’s clearly an older game and the graphics are far more primitive. Maybe the game I mean was inspired by it.

@WPalant nice. Rocky's Boots was another logic-gate-related app; I played it on Apple II I believe.

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