Your regular reminder: when using Chrome, you are the product. Chrome is merely a vehicle to provide Google services with a competitive advantage.

This Twitter post cites court documents showing how Google leverages its browser to reliably track users, all while restricting tracking capabilities of competition.

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@WPalant What's the context on all this? (Where is this document coming from?)

@varx Context is antitrust proceedings, various US states accusing Google of abusing their market position. You can see the original document here:

@WPalant Thanks! I was vaguely aware of antitrust stuff going on around Google based on references in social media, but hadn't seen any actual news stories on it.

@varx I think the Twitter thread I linked to is the first analysis that everybody is talking about. Haven’t seen anything else on the topic yet but this is huge.

@WPalant It might be that news sources are holding off until they have something more than the complaint itself, which is of course going to be pretty biased -- although some of those quotes are pretty damning!

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