Accidentally stumbled upon a web server hosting masses of illegal material: all kinds of instructions for fraud, drug-related stuff and more. Wanted to see what it is running on. Oh, it’s the Telegram infrastructure. What a surprise. 🙄

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Just to clarify: it’s all user-generated content. And since there appears to be zero moderation…

@WPalant So it's some kind of Telegram bot residing on a publicly accessible web server?

@adz I don’t think so. It’s rather a public web server allowing “sharing information” for everyone, and it’s running on Telegram infrastructure. I don’t know whether it is actually being run by Telegram or whether they merely provide access to the infrastructure to third parties. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the former, ideologically it’s a match.

@adz Actually found the info already. It’s an official Telegram “blogging service.” Yes, they are running this thing themselves.

@WPalant @adz telegraph? or do they have something else now?

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