Having read the Steve Jobs biography, I’m somehow not surprised at all that such things happen at . There is no way a healthy company culture would arise with this kind of leadership. And please spare me “the end justifies the means” speech.


> My team in SW Eng not only documented their goal of making my "life a living hell" in our dev work tracking system, they also kept whiteboards for tally marks when they "scored points" …

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Brace yourselves... I'd like to share with y'all an email I sent employee relations on July 16th detailing a list of my concerns & complaints (with associated Box folders & relevant evidence). , , , , more...

I don’t have the right words to describe what I think about this organizational dystopia.


> And now you all know enough for me to explain... this ticket was closed as "resolved" by Mr. Bullets shortly after I was forcibly re-orged under him (despite my escalation to senior leadership & his history of insults, violence, & intimidation).

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