If you ever find yourself at a company doing this: leave ASAP. The “hard work” heroism is an incredibly bad take for everyone. Long work hours destroy people’s mental health, and they don’t even increase productivity. Overworked people make lots of mistakes, only wasting time.


> The Internet Explorer team was the hardest-working team I’ve ever been on. And I’ve worked at multiple start-ups. It was a sprint, not a marathon. …

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The guy wrote this thread without realizing how he is describing a massively toxic culture. And he concludes by stating that he now applies the lessons learned here at his startup. For me this conclusion reads as: “If you work at that startup: run! RUN! NOW!!!”

@WPalant That entire thread is a red flag for anyone who may be working with him in the future. Fuck that

Rather than have everyone work double shifts, if IE development was so important to Microsoft, why didn't they just assign twice as many people to the team? That's plain abusive.


@rochelimit Assigning twice as many people is hard. It’s difficult to find so many people who are qualified, and coordination efforts reduce productivity. But that isn’t an excuse to have people work double shifts, it gains very little if anything at all. Developing a complicated piece of software just takes its time, and there are few real shortcuts.


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