I stumbled upon a self-proclaimed “Senior Security Systems Engineer” and I’m undecided what to do. On the one hand, maybe I should just have pity with a kid who wants to appear larger.

Then again, he is probably closer to 30 than to 20. And his “achievements” are impressive.

He is running a large network of websites on stolen content, pretending to be an expert on everything and even impersonating a dead politician. He ripped off an entire website and replaced the copyright message with “See you in court”.

Maybe he deserves what’s coming to him?

Never mind posing as a book author who releases his new book piece by piece. But of course the content belongs to someone else’s well-established book.

But he seems to be really studying Cybersecurity and Information Assurance right now. Should he be able to get a job here?

Oh, and a website ripping off the brand of a legitimate company and even linking to their TrustPilot reviews as if they were his. He is accepting only Bitcoin payments there, what a surprise.

Yes, I think that’s enough criminal energy. He had it coming…


It seems that he has shut down most of his websites hosting copycat content, that’s good news. Yes, even the one with copyright message replaced by “See you in court.” However, he has set up a new fake company website and a Twitter account for it. 🙄

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