After loosing RSS feeds again in Thunderbird I got fed up and reported the bug. Looks like it has good chances to get fixed!

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@WPalant Thunderbird continues to limp along. It's definitely not getting the attention it used to, but I'm happy that there is still a core of developers giving it some love.

@varx Not sure what you mean by “used to”, I think the last time Thunderbird has seen any kind of attention was more than a decade ago. It has been in pure maintenance mode for a very long time, I’m just happy it’s still working at all.

@WPalant I've been using Thunderbird for a long time, yeah. Not actually for mail, recently, as I've switched to Claws and just use Thunderbird for the calendar. -.-

@varx Maybe I should give Lightning another try. I’m using Thunderbird for email and RSS, but the calendar was horrible…

@WPalant Lightning is not the most stable thing. I'm actually looking for an alternative...

@varx I read that toot without context. I found it very funny 😂

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