I now have Slack open in one tab, Mattermost in another. This feels like a game: “find 10 differences.”

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@WPalant I feel it it less to do with features and more of a reflection of the company culture that uses Mattermost

@superruserr I’m unsure what you mean. Are you saying that the companies asked Mattermost to create an identical Slack copy?

@WPalant NI meant to say that they (the company who uses Mattermost) seem to care more about using open-source alternatives.

My old company did this and before that I think IRC was the way to communicate internally.

@superruserr Yes, that’s for sure. We generally prefer self-hosted solutions, giving away all of company’s internal communications to some US corporation just doesn’t feel right. Previous solution was indeed IRC and Discourse.

It’s merely weird that Mattermost seems to work very hard on being exactly like Slack, except that it’s under your control.

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