I’ve looked through the available info and everything adds up. Yes, it seems that activists managed to archive at least 30TB of data. It’s now safe to use the past tense when speaking about Parler. Even ignoring the technical difficulties, there is no coming back from that.

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@WPalant Yeah, last article I saw said that Archive Team pulled 57 terabytes of public data. (Reports of gov't ID uploads being leaked are apparently false.)

@varx Archive Team themselves say 30 TB, I’m not sure where the various higher numbers come from. Not that it makes much difference…

@WPalant I'm mildly curious as well. Here's where I got 57 from:

Could be a difference of compressed or not, with or without HTML/JSON framing...

@varx Interesting, yes. Maybe they got more data out after all – what I have is on Twitter from when the whole thing was still in progress.

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