Very nice explanation of Parler being kicked off Amazon Web Services and what this means now. AFACT, everything is correct. Parler promises to be back online by Tuesday but I also consider that highly unlikely.

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The story is developing, now it’s not merely AWS. Parler lost Twilio who they used to implement 2FA, they’ve been dropped by their email provider and pretty much all other third-party providers. As points out, this will be major hurdle for them.

This gets even bigger. If is legit (and so far everything matches up), Twilio dropping Parler made them implement a work-around that left accounts wide open for takeover. Like: admin accounts. So people have been using that to scrape all “private” data.

This means: all messages and videos have been downloaded in a crowdsourced fashion, via publicly available Docker images. Even presumably deleted messages were still in the database. And people’s driver license images that they used to get the “Verified Citizen” status.

I must say, for a “free speech” platform Parler had quite a lot of moderators (note: that’s not a full list). Maybe it wasn’t “free speech” after all but “only speech we like”?

@WPalant Too bad I had to go to twitter for it. Should have been a blog post with a possible q/a thread on twitter perhaps?

I suspect they will run out of steam/blood/treasure before they find a home.

@PresGas It isn’t only AWS now, pretty much every other company severed their ties to them. Good luck pulling this off without being able to rely on any third party.

@WPalant a lesson here about building your castle on other people's land... A simple bbs/forum on a raspberry pi on TOR would be a million percent more resilient (not that I am a fan of the users of Parler. LOL)

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