Side-effect of a popular account on posting a link to your blog post: your web server “visits” spike as hundreds of Mastodon and Pleroma servers retrieve the link metadata, all within a minute. Yes, distributed doesn’t mean efficient…

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I guess that we can consider to be a mainstream solution once users can bring down smaller web servers merely by posting a link to them and without anybody clicking it. Currently there are slightly more than a thousand servers, a 10x increase should do?

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@WPalant Do we really, really need link previews across Fedi? Can we live without that extremely informative image next to the link highlighted in a small card? 🤔

@hypolite @WPalant OK, I'll try another tactics. From all Fedi users who admire customizable layouts, customizable user bans, customizable-everything-and-my-cat-please: "It's nice to make it optional". ;p

@hypolite @lightone @WPalant But this is at the server-level, not at the user-level. Servers generally fetch this information only once per link, and cache it locally. But there are so many individual Mastodon/Pleroma servers that it ends up overloading smaller websites for a short time after a link was shared publicly.

@hypolite @WPalant I think Socialhome project has a user-level option to turn generating the card off. Though this wouldn't help to handle the overload problem, as there're so many federating servers with different software.

@hypolite @lightone @WPalant Even if a user turns the card display off, the server will still fetch the link to display the card for any user who has this setting on.

@hypolite Yes yes, that's why the only way to solve the issue is to turn it off server-wide, by default software-wide. And yes, I know this won't happen in Fedi. Just some wishful thinking!

@lightone Well, they do help understand what the link is about. But it might be doable in a less disruptive fashion. E.g. the origin server could supply this information, or the servers would agree on a subset of them to get this information for everybody else. 😀

@WPalant I think preview cards are useful only when they show a short text preview. The title is often duplicated in the link itself (for SEO reasons), and the image does not often help to understand the gist of the article. And Mastodon does not show previews anyway.

@Yellow Flag thinking about it, i guess it would be smart to fetch the info once when composing the post and distribute the results with the post...

@mario Yes, definitely an option. I think however that Mastodon refreshes the info occasionally, in case it gets updated (Twitter definitely does). Then again, maybe the origin server could take care of the refreshes as well.

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