I added a receiver to my blog. So if somebody links to one of my articles, I might get notified. If approved, this mention will appear in the comments section. @bekopharm

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@WPalant here goes nothing - my reply shall be in the queue if everything works :D

And yeah, feel free to ignore. You're under no obligation to puplicate anything received there. Many people keep this quiet and that's perfectly fine.

@WPalant huh… thanks :)

Now that's weird. It's not supposed to use this as title. In fact most post types do seldom make use of any title since it's micro-blogging style.

This site usually helps me a lot to debug issues:

@bekopharm Yes, it's the same library that I'm using. name and content properties are identical. The former is what I use as title.

@bekopharm I wonder what would happen if I mark up my comments with h-entry and send you a Webnotice about my reply. Would your implementation recognize which comment this is about?

@WPalant it would BUT getting the threading right is really hard. I find this the most mindboogling part.

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