I wrote an article explaining the trend with browsers' add-on support and why I think that limiting users' choice on Android massively is part of that trend. The add-on ecosystem is degrading steadily, and I don't expect it to reverse course. palant.info/2020/08/31/a-grim-

@WPalant I suspect you are thinking a great deal about the future of PfP in light of this. I took the time to migrate from FF password store to PfP after reading your articles; so it is definitely a very important plugin.

Do you see a future for PfP, and if so, what would it be?

Hoping to see a blog post about that for either hope or closure. It really is a great bit of security that inspired me to look into these topics more (taking a SANS class now!).

@PresGas I hope that PfP can stay around. Worst-case scenario is offering it as a web page, but I hope that it won't come to that.


@PresGas On the other hand, I'm leaning towards giving up on Google Search link fix. Maintaining it just isn't worth it.

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@WPalant Thanks! Keep us all posted on your odyssey. We appreciate the work.

@WPalant Looks like some more "Official" damage control, but still much about nothing:


At least there is some kind of communication about it??

@PresGas Yes, saw it. Not really adding much to the discussion. More add-ons will be allowed later, sure. But it doesn't say that Mozilla intends to stop gatekeeping.

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