So the only mobile browser with add-on support is no more. I’m rather disappointed with if that's still possible.

As of now, for Android offers you a selection of a handful add-ons which you are allowed to install. No technical reason for it, a policy decision.

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Installing extensions in development mode is still possible and I tried that with . It appears to work perfectly fine, still has all of its data. But users see it under “Not available yet”, they are not allowed to run it.

didn’t bother notifying developers that their add-ons won’t work any more. I didn’t follow the development, so I had to learn about this from a user’s issue report after the new browser went live.

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They did ask me about adding another add-on of mine to the Recommended Extensions program. They didn’t mention that it is now a prerequisite for the add-on being usable at all…

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