I just updated my site from Hugo 0.57.2 to 0.68.3. Oh my, that was a whole lot of breaking changes... Worst of it, generating content produced no warnings and the release notes were also only moderately helpful. Had to work with huge directory diffs. 1/6

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Most important change: due to the way content is organized, .Pages and .Site.Pages are no longer synonymous on the homepage - the former doesn't get any pages within sections. This also affects .Lastmod value, .Site.LastChange has to be used on the homepage now. 2/6

The other changes are all related to the new Goldmark rendering engine. Inline HTML no longer works by default, so you might want to enable it in the config (unsafe: true). Linkifier extension will turn something like "" into a link, had to disable it. 3/6

Anchors generated for a header like "It's Friday" have changed, but the old behavior can be configured to prevent breaking links (autoHeadingIDType: blackfriday). Multi-paragraph quotes require > sign on separator lines, the old rendered expected empty lines there. 4/6

And last but not least, the typographer extension has issues when it comes to smart quotes and punctuation. For me it failed in two cases: Yahoo!'s and "something (whatever)" - had to put the right HTML entity explicitly there. 5/6

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