Implemented access keys in , pressing Alt will show you all of them. Access keys have always been a major pain, so this time I decided to choose them automatically - seems to work reasonably well. Only few UI elements will change their access key depending on context.

After some iterating, things look somewhat better now, in particular less cluttered - access keys are indicated by underlining the letter wherever possible. This is how the same screen looks now when pressing the Alt key.

@WPalant Hmm, reminiscent maybe of ace-jump-mode in Emacs: Fix your eyes on the place you want to go, invoke ace-jump-mode, and type the letter that has appeared on your target.

I want that in like... everything.

@varx It is - in like every native desktop application. Not implemented in quite the same way, usually the relevant letter is underlined in the label. I would have done it with underlines as well, but my UI has too many icon-only elements.

In fact, maybe underlining where possible would be a good idea - with the current solution it's not trivial to keep overview.

@WPalant I'm familiar with access keys, but there are places they don't really work, such as in lists or other collections. Imagine being able to select a message in the Mastodon or Slack interface this way, and _then_ use access keys (either traditional, or with your approach) to select the desired action or icon.

And I think I'd be reasonably happy with ace-jump-mode as a total alternative for access keys, if done right.

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