I've been thinking about the wider "your company is not your family" topic and it could make a good talk eventually. Does anyone know success or failure stories of "ethical" companies? I'm fairly familiar with Mozilla and Google already. RT is appreciated.

@61 Do you know of any internal accounts on how well this works as opposed to the way the company presents itself in the public?

A great deal of #GitLab's internal systems are actually open to the public. The #HR issue tracker is probably as good a start as any

Or read the handbook:

A search for GitLab acquisitions should also provide a few leads.

@WPalant @61 Frontend Engineer at GitLab here. Feel free to ask me any questions if you trust me to answer honestly. 😃

@WPalant @61 Also should you live near any of our team members, I'm sure they would be up for meeting you in person:

@winniehell Indeed, there are two team members living in Cologne. Worth a thought, though not right now.

@WPalant yeah, no pressure. 😃
Let me know anytime if I can help you connect with them. Both of them are very nice people.

@winniehell That's a very generous offer, thank you! I'll check the public info first and come back to it.


I have to say, I'm a big fan of the way #GitLab freely shares all this stuff, I have found lots of inspiration and ideas there which I have applied in my own company (in a *completely* unrelated field). From using markdown and Git for nearly every company document to financial and HR strategy.


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