In which Brian Krebs loses much of the hard earned respect and support from the community...

The screenshot doesn't include the next reply by Brian:

"You think SH had this info? Wrong. It took me about six hours to find this information. I pay attention and get interested when pseudo-security people start creating drama and bashing people who really do care about security merely for self-promotion. Terrific opsec, BTW."

He got so used to exposing people, he doesn't seem to notice when he violates privacy of somebody who has done nothing wrong. Very disappointing...

@WPalant That's fucked up.

So uh... where can I find a link to the Spamhaus exposé?

@WPalant Thanks!

Looks like the video is the best I'm going to get; all the rest seems to be based on an unknowable tangle of Twitter threads across an unknown number of accounts. -.- Why don't people write blog posts anymore?

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