So this is real, JetBlue using facial recognition to replace boarding passes:

Where they've got your photo from? US Department of Homeland Security apparently.

@WPalant Suddenly I'm changing my mind on not caring that ATMs have cameras:

I had thought, "eh, they know who I am" but now I'm realizing that could be feeding into facial recognition databases. :-/

@WPalant Worst thing about it is how you find out that such practices exist and happen.

It's not like there was an announcement to all people - we are going to use face recognition here.

Instead they just start using it, not caring about any awareness. Maybe there is some small font info on the site somewhere.

Indeed information is the key, and people without it have very grim future.

@awesome_leonid I'm rather shocked at how easily US gov apparently provides data on US citizens to private companies. So it's JetBlue, but who else? Grocery chains so they can contact you about the newest sale? Facebook so they can verify tagging in photos?

At least here we've got GDPR. Not that it helps a lot without being enforced.

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