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I post about technical topics here, especially , , . My other account is for German-language non-technical stuff.

I wrote an article on how to implement a completely client-side search feature on a -generated static website. There are bits and pieces of this info floating around but AFAIK no really complete writeups.

sounds like a nice alternative to . The configuration is indeed way more readable and turning your mail server into an open relay unintentionally should be far less likely. However, support is lacking to say the least. Maybe some other time...

There is probably some parallel universe out there where this thread passes as a hilarious work of fiction. Sadly, in our universe all of this is real.

I started recording accounts unfollowing me in November last year. One thing became clear however: a very common reason for an unfollow on Twitter is the account being deleted or suspended. I wonder whether that's usual or merely due to so many people following me...

Going down the memory lane, I cannot find any mentions of the TSR in question - a russification application which I think was called "gamma" (yes, non-English wasn't trivial back in DOS days). I see mentions of Alfa and Beta, so I'd assume Gamma used to be an improved version.

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And - yes, I can totally see how this error message can make someone despair. Crazy enough, I actually remember moving TSRs into high memory. 馃榾

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Fun fact about this older rant by Raymond Chen: often you can search for the error message and identify the anonymized guilty party. Yes, I know many of these games at least by name.

Fun fact: one of the most visited articles on my blog is neither particularly insightful nor well-written. But it has "login form" in the title. So some stupid spam bot will continuously attempt to submit its data to it. Dozens of times per day, from different IP addresses.

And - yes, I deployed it on a Friday afternoon. Compared to the dangers of going outside, that's nothing right now... 馃榾

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Now I finally found the time to look into better options and theme is great! It was still a quite significant time investment, and I helped iron out a bunch of theme issues while at it, but my blog is looking way better now.

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I switched my blog to a year ago but haven't really been using its full potential so far. At the time, migrating the content from was already challenge enough. I realized how complex Hugo themes were and opted for a quick & dirty copy of the Textpattern theme.

But even when installing Mercurial via pip, there is still editor which requires 2. Because you could install an extension. And that extension might rely on the build tool. Which started supporting Python 3 only recently. 馃槩

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The road towards ditching 2 is still a bumpy one. While current supports Python 3, 's package still uses Python 2 for it. Not without a reason - e.g. the latest release of the extension doesn't work with Python 3 (dev branch is almost there).

The other option would be building myself, so that I can use my own extensions. But that would go too far I think. Yes, I very much prefer applications providing extensibility via interpreted languages, not requiring you to produce a custom build whenever you need a behavior change...

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I'm starting to wonder whether chose an immature project to build upon. Maybe I should switch back to parser rather than always keeping in mind to check whether smart quotes and apostrophes were processed correctly. But will Hugo keep supporting BlackFriday?

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My Markdown parser issues have been closed - last year the author said that he didn't care enough about smart quotes to fix them, now he says that he doesn't want the algorithm to deviate from CommonMark emphasis. Which is a bit ridiculous - the latter is about markup.

This question has been answered: the KOrganizer Reminder Daemon in the tray has a context menu where you have to check "Enable Reminders." Why it isn't checked by default, why it isn't mentioned in any documentation and why it cannot be found in settings is beyond me.

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Another upgrade, another attempt to use . Once again the same conclusion: reminders don't work, unusable. But for such an obvious an persistent issue, I cannot find anybody else complaining about it. I must be missing something obvious?

And last but not least, the typographer extension has issues when it comes to smart quotes and punctuation. For me it failed in two cases: Yahoo!'s and "something (whatever)" - had to put the right HTML entity explicitly there. 5/6

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