I noticed as I get older people use the term "significant other" in place of girl/boyfriend because it gets taken more seriously.

"I'm bringing my SO to the office Christmas party."
"Hey boss, can my girlfriend come?"

To be more clear, audio would almost always work. It was video and screen sharing that would behave strangely.

It was a SIP softphone --> PBX --> hardware endpoint. To be fair, they were video calls which probably complicated things.

It blew my mind though. Same caller. Same network. Same path. Same destination network. Different target hardware models.
Polycom --> PBX --> first cisco model? Worked great. Polycom --> PBX --> different model? Broken mess.

@Qantumentangled Differences in SIP implementations between walled-garden vendors means no one individual understands it entirely.

Happened to me:
"Hello Polycom advanced support. Why can we not place a SIP call from an RPD endpoint to this Cisco box our customer is using?"
"Yeah, we don't support calls to that device."
"But we can call this other different Cisco model just fine."
"Yeah, because that one is supported."
"What's so different that this one doesn't work?"
"I honestly don't know."


I recently went back to the twitter account I opened in high school and removed anything that might remotely imply I have opinions.

I have a video editor friend that purges his public portfolio of anything too close to controversial when he looks for work. If it's appropriate for the employer, they get a private copy, otherwise it's all "brand safe."

If anyone wants to install Ubuntu on an old Mac Pro 1,1:

Use the 14.04 mac+amd64 iso for the installation, you can upgrade to 16.04 later and it works fine.

Install from a DVD, not a USB stick.

rEFInd is your friend.

You will probably need to boot from the live DVD and boot-repair.

It won't play nice with an OS X install on a partitioned drive, but a new hard drive or shared drive with windows works fine.

Disconnect the iSight camera before installing or you'll have no sound. No idea why.


Damn, that's rough. It really does take an active effort to maintain your body after an injury like that.

But hey, despite that you finished the 5K, which is more than the average person can say.


Every time I run I can feel an injury from about 4 years ago. It never gets better. And yet, we all keep running...

My dad gifted my kid sister an old 1,1 Mac Pro. I asked her what she wanted to run on it, since she's used OS X and Win10 and I'm not sure which she prefers.


So it begins.

@munin @slipstream

Also network externalities. I want to follow interesting people. All the interesting people tweet, so I tweet. Someone wants to follow me, so they tweet. And so on.

To paraphrase Jesse Eisenberg, "If everyone was on mastodon, they'd be on mastodon."


All about that life.

Python (and GDScript) >> C#
>> Microsoft
Fight me.

Every time I come across a tech support scam at work I'm so tempted to call and see what they try to get me to do.

Maybe if I call it Security Research I can get paid for it too.

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