Adopt dont shop but don't adopt for a gift

Pets are not gifts (and especially not surprises)

Forbes: Nextcloud is delivering a serious punch to the face of megacorp cloud companies by offering what it calls “one-click migration” from OneDrive, Dropbox and Google services.

@koherecoWatchdog Trying to de-google and de-cloudflare my life is a constant uphill battle. I try to run everything to Tor too, and it's exhausting. I can't even get my wife to use ad-blocking DNS (it breaks Facebook, you see 🙄), much less the access point I set up that routes everything through Tor, or a privacy respecting OS.

@koherecoWatchdog Jesus dude, drop your guns for a moment. This is why I don't tweet.

I said "if you must," Cloudflare's captcha provides a much better UX for Tor users. If I'm (or my less tech savvy and privacy conscious relatives) trying to access a site over Tor and my choices are Google or Cloudflare, at least Cloudflare will let me through with less hassle. A hidden service is ideal, as is a website that truly respects privacy, but perfect is the enemy of good here w/r/t adoption of Tor.

Please. If you must, Cloudflare's captcha is much more Tor-friendly.

How to spot and avoid a stalker. How to make sure that tweet you sent out when you were 12 won't come back to bite you when you're 35. How to not get your parents house robbed when you go on vacation by live streaming your location. And so on, and so on. 2/2

I agree with this pretty hard, actually. Most people don't understand what a VPN does or why they need it (or why they don't need it). They just understand what marketing tells them, it's another example of revenue-through-relationship-building. When people think they want a VPN, what they usually want is Tor. Or a password manager. Or any number of things that are not a VPN.

I'd love to see threat modeling at schools. There are so many things kids need to look out for. 1/2

People are getting more security conscious (see: the rise of personal VPNs) but there's still big money in checkbox security and hardware firewalls. I still see orgs shell out cash to certify compliance, with a disfunctional vulnerability management program (and other basics). I think for incidents like this one, governments will need to start demanding more of their contractors.

Leveraging relationships pays the bills. Shareholders don't care about making a compelling security product, they care about revenue. Hopefully this will put a dent in revenue...

Update: It was a Windows install DVD. I have now ordered some blank DVDs and an external DVD drive.

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And three years later, a bad update broke my server. I have since lost the 14.04 installation DVD and of course the old Mac Pro is the only DVD burner I have access to.

I just received an Ubuntu 20.04 LTS DVD in the mail. I am officially "that guy that orders Linux in the mail."

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I noticed as I get older people use the term "significant other" in place of girl/boyfriend because it gets taken more seriously.

"I'm bringing my SO to the office Christmas party."
"Hey boss, can my girlfriend come?"

To be more clear, audio would almost always work. It was video and screen sharing that would behave strangely.

It was a SIP softphone --> PBX --> hardware endpoint. To be fair, they were video calls which probably complicated things.

It blew my mind though. Same caller. Same network. Same path. Same destination network. Different target hardware models.
Polycom --> PBX --> first cisco model? Worked great. Polycom --> PBX --> different model? Broken mess.

@Qantumentangled Differences in SIP implementations between walled-garden vendors means no one individual understands it entirely.

Happened to me:
"Hello Polycom advanced support. Why can we not place a SIP call from an RPD endpoint to this Cisco box our customer is using?"
"Yeah, we don't support calls to that device."
"But we can call this other different Cisco model just fine."
"Yeah, because that one is supported."
"What's so different that this one doesn't work?"
"I honestly don't know."

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