If anyone wants to install Ubuntu on an old Mac Pro 1,1:

Use the 14.04 mac+amd64 iso for the installation, you can upgrade to 16.04 later and it works fine.

Install from a DVD, not a USB stick.

rEFInd is your friend.

You will probably need to boot from the live DVD and boot-repair.

It won't play nice with an OS X install on a partitioned drive, but a new hard drive or shared drive with windows works fine.

Disconnect the iSight camera before installing or you'll have no sound. No idea why.

And three years later, a bad update broke my server. I have since lost the 14.04 installation DVD and of course the old Mac Pro is the only DVD burner I have access to.

I just received an Ubuntu 20.04 LTS DVD in the mail. I am officially "that guy that orders Linux in the mail."

Update: It was a Windows install DVD. I have now ordered some blank DVDs and an external DVD drive.

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