Adopt dont shop but don't adopt for a gift

Pets are not gifts (and especially not surprises)

Forbes: Nextcloud is delivering a serious punch to the face of megacorp cloud companies by offering what it calls “one-click migration” from OneDrive, Dropbox and Google services.

Update: It was a Windows install DVD. I have now ordered some blank DVDs and an external DVD drive.

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And three years later, a bad update broke my server. I have since lost the 14.04 installation DVD and of course the old Mac Pro is the only DVD burner I have access to.

I just received an Ubuntu 20.04 LTS DVD in the mail. I am officially "that guy that orders Linux in the mail."

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If anyone wants to install Ubuntu on an old Mac Pro 1,1:

Use the 14.04 mac+amd64 iso for the installation, you can upgrade to 16.04 later and it works fine.

Install from a DVD, not a USB stick.

rEFInd is your friend.

You will probably need to boot from the live DVD and boot-repair.

It won't play nice with an OS X install on a partitioned drive, but a new hard drive or shared drive with windows works fine.

Disconnect the iSight camera before installing or you'll have no sound. No idea why.

My dad gifted my kid sister an old 1,1 Mac Pro. I asked her what she wanted to run on it, since she's used OS X and Win10 and I'm not sure which she prefers.


So it begins.

Every time I come across a tech support scam at work I'm so tempted to call and see what they try to get me to do.

Maybe if I call it Security Research I can get paid for it too.

If anyone wants to watch Comey's testimony:

BBC had local time as GMT-0500 for a bit at the beginning of the stream, ha.

Did encryption drive the van? No. Did encryption sharpen the sword? No. Did encryption stab 48 people? No. So why is crypto UK gov agenda? ~ hackerfantastic

I'm not sure why so many people liked emacs. Pretty sure it started as a practical joke that got way out of hand, and ultimately ended with someone being inspired to create systemd

protocol roleplay: HTTP, IRC, SMTP, etc, except both ends -- server and client -- are humans using telnet.

How to ruin a date in 4 words 

My editor is emacs

This website checks if someone has entered an anti-Net Neutrality comment in your name:

I'm just going to start appending "fuckyou" every time I'm forced to make a time based password change.

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